nathan-guitarNathan Grocholski is a Michigan-native composer. He started his music career playing clarinet in the fifth grade band at Kenowa Hills Intermediate School and has continued to perform with the Saginaw Valley State University marching band and wind ensemble. He has also played jazz guitar for the Bay City Western High School jazz band for three years. Other awards have included the Jill and Rosemary Hill Music Scholarship and the Michigan Youth Arts Festival Distinguished Scholar in 2013.


Nathan started his composing career in the ninth grade, arranging for the jazz and pep bands at his high school before moving on to larger concert band projects. In the summer of 2016, while he was working as a Stage Services employee at Interlochen Center for the Arts,  he has written a ska band piece entitled “The Master’s Apprentice,” which was also performed at the stage crew recital.

In his free time Nathan also enjoys playing guitar and writing rock band songs. His best works can be listened to on his SoundCloud account.


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